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At Acorns to Oaks we endeavour to make learning at a young age fun and interesting! We prepare your children for moving onto secondary school curriculum and their ever so important teenage years! 

Acorns to Oaks provides an internationally recognised online education following the UK National & Cambridge curriculum. This curriculum is fun, varied and has international assessments to ensure our students are working and achieving the appropriate levels of education. 

We welcome children with all different interests and backgrounds as at ATO we strive to bring together a strong educational community where no question goes unanswered and no question is too big or small. 

Following the UK National & Cambridge primary curriculum, Acorns To Oaks is an online school that is able to teach internationally. The Cambridge assessment national education centres can be found for exams internationally making studying this curriculum our best, most well known and trusted choice. All information regarding finding centres and curriculum programmes can be found on their website here. 

Child Safety


We take your childs safety to be of the utmost importance especially when accessing online resources, so to make the internet as safe as we can we regularly teach the most up to date information and make appropriate information available for both parents and children. 

As always, any of our staff team will do their best to keep your children safe and are ready to answer any questions on the subject both from your children and yourselves as parents and guardians. 

Please find here a link to some very useful internet safety websites


​Our Staff

Our staff are all competent teachers with their own specialties but the best part is that many of them are actually able to teach more than one subject, meaning the continuity across your child's learning is second to none! 

We take particular pride in our languages department boasting native speaking Spanish, French and German teachers. 

All staff are always approachable and will be available via email or during interactive lessons for questions and advice. 

In The



Ever popular apps for learning languages often teach only Latin American Spanish and NOT Castilian? Castilian is the type of Spanish spoken in the European Spanish speaking countries! This makes a huge difference in word translation for some words, lets take 'car' for an example, Car in Latin American Spanish is 'Carro' but in Castilian Spanish its 'Coche' 

January 12, 2023


Feedback for our PSHE lesson recently has been phenomenal! We did a firework safety lesson which touched on a little bit of the history surrounding Guy Fawkes. How fun!

November 18, 2022

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