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Our online summer school is available to both online students and those who attend face to face schools. It is one of our most popular events, where we offer up to 100 places across the year groups.

Our virtual summer school provides students with necessary skills and further learning, to prepare them for the upcoming year. They are given a personalised online learning experience, as our class sizes are kept small. All of our online summer school classes are presented at a high quality level of online education, via our expert teachers in live lessons. Our goal is to provide our online students with the means to excel and succeed in their online learning, with the help of our subject specialist teachers. 

If you are interested in applying for our online summer school, please contact us via our email, or book a free consultation meeting. 


Our online summer school fees start from £48 per/subject. We offer package deals as well, however the price is based individually around your chosen subjects. Get in touch with your chosen subjects, and we will respond with an individualised quote. 


Step 1. Contact us if you have an questions or enquiries.

Step 2. Reserve your online summer school place above.

Step 3. Finalise the subjects you are choosing.

Step 4. Arrange fee payment.

Step 5. Begin studying.


Primary Art & Design

Doing Homework

Primary English

Computer Class

Primary ICT Starters

Kids Running

Primary Physical Education

Chldren's Library

Primary German

school form home

Primary Computing

Colors in English

Primary English - 2nd Language

Student Learning Mathematics

Primary Mathematics

Kids in Technology Class

Primary Science

Smiling Girl with Book

Primary Spanish

Girl with Laptop

Primary Digital Literacy

Old Globe

Primary Global Perspectives

Music Class

Primary Music

Kids visiting a museum

Primary History

Doing Homework

Primary French

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